Vardaan: Stair Climbing Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are extensively used by disabled people to enhance their personal mobility. One of the basic problems of user on manual wheelchair is overcoming architectural barriers like kerbs stairs etc. on its way.But the wheelchair designed by Shanu Sharma of IIT Kanpur, codenamed ‘Vardaan’, is designed for climbing stairs with mechanical benefit via lever ratchets system and braking system.

Vardaan facilitates climbing up and down the stairs by using an innovative shaped wheel that provides better grip and optimum braking along with a ratchet and a braking system. A Y-shaped wheel has been designed and incorporated within the frame for better grip and optimum braking for climbing up and down a flight of stairs.. For climbing up the user pulls and pushes the lever ratchet attached on the axle of the Y shaped wheel.

The design makes use of the fact that people with lower limb disability have high upper body strength and therefore pulling/pushing the ratchet lever can be conveniently operated by them. While during the climbing down the user can use brakes to control the motion of the wheelchair as the AY shaped wheel rolls down the steps. The braking system along with the AY shaped wheel is likely to make the wheelchair a safe solution for climbing stairs for the user.


It Is A Simplest And Safest Mechanism Of Climbing Stairs Without Any Support Of External Device. Mimicking The Same Mechanism With Mechanical Benefit Via Ratchets System And Braking System Results To An Efficient And Safe Solution For Climbing Stairs For The User.

This innovative idea really is a Vardaan (blessing) for Disabled or Differently able people.

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