Rewritable T-shirt

Two IIT Bombay graduates, Ayush Jain and Mirik Gogri, conceptualized Humming Whale Product Innovations Pvt Ltd with a vision to successfully create economically viable products that are sustainable for the market from creative and innovative ideas.

One of their fantastic idea is Rewritable T-shirt, which is a unique t-shirt on which you can write, erase and rewrite. A wacky idea and immense R&D, and voila! The t-shirt was launched with a tremendous positive response among the youth. Currently, it’s selling in good numbers on, which is the marketing partner for this product. It also got featured on the TV show Bigg Boss with Salman Khan.

It was a time in their Institute when an attempted change in rules by the elected council and self-appointed opposition leaders standing for the next elections had polarized the student community. Strong debates and cries for impeachment were going around the college.

Enjoying the heat of the moment, some friends around suggested creating ‘I hate ABC’ and ‘I support XYZ’ t-shirts with an idea of making some quick bucks. The idea was duly dismissed with a strong consensus on the fact that people won’t buy them as they stand of no use once this wave dies down.

Hence the idea and the concept of Rewritable T-shirt was born.
They tied up with Bewakoof Brands, an e-commerce startup by IITB alumni, which focused on selling humorous and unique apparel products. Our zest for innovation and their experience in t-shirt manufacturing joined forces and major challenges of creating the right material to match the contour of t-shirt while not compromising on the wearer’s comfort were tackled.

After nearly a year of RnD, they finally came up with a sustainable and sellable product and branded it as the rewritable t-shirt.
This guys took a simple idea and turned it into something very unique and mind blowing, truly innovative.

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