Pedal-Powered Washing Machine

When Remya Jose was 14 years old, her mother became ill while her father underwent cancer treatments. Going to school was a two-hour commute each way, and the family didn’t own a washing machine, which made the process of cleaning clothes long and tiresome for her twin sister. Remya decided that the best way to help her family was to create her own washing machine that wouldn’t need electricity.

She converted an old stationary bike into a washing machine, which runs on the power, generated by the two pedals. The invention was not only brilliant and fully functioning without any need of grid electricity, but it also had a much higher purpose- saved the family from going through the heavy burden of hand-washing their clothes every single day.After drawing out the basic diagram, Jose’s father took it to a local mechanic shop, where workers agreed to put the machine together. After purchasing the materials, Jose gave the mechanics instructions of exactly how she wanted it done.

The end product has an aluminum cabin with a horizontal iron net wire cylinder. This cylinder connects to the pedal system, which looks like any other with a chain, pedals and a seat. Clothes go into the cylinder, the cabin fills with enough water to level the clothes and the washing cycle begins, soaking the laundry for at least 10 minutes. The user pedals for three to four minutes while the cylinder rotates to clean the laundry. Through the pedaling action the laundry is centrifuged, which means they dry about 80 percent.


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