Low cost wind mill for power generation

Major problem faced in rural areas are interrupted power supply, unavailable infrastructure for supplying electricity to every household and others. This entire problem has a cost and the average individual cannot afford to lay infrastructure to receive electricity for his home.

C. M. Subramanian’s new house was far away from existing electrical lines, the electricity board asked Subramanium a mechanic by profession, to deposit a certain amount towards the cost of electric poles.This problem led the innovator C. M. Subramanian to develop low cost wind mill.

Since it was beyond his capacity, he gave up the idea of obtaining an electric connection from the electricity board.

He then started working on ideas to address his household energy needs. While experimenting with batteries and thinking about using solar panels, he realized that wind was abundant near his house and decided to build a wind mill. Being an electric mechanic, he had sound knowledge of motor winding and dynamos.

His windmill cost him about Rs 70, 000 to develop. It can be installed near the house or on the roof with a RCC construction producing electricity sufficient for a household (1 kVA).The windmill has been found producing up to 0.8-1.2 kVA (80 volt @ 10-15Amp) electric power at a wind speed of 3-3.5 m/s.

The turbine blades can also be stopped from rotation or the direction of rotation can be reversed from ground itself by electric brakes.

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