Lanstove kerosine stove and lantern

Majority of rural households world over lack clean cooking fuel and electricity for lighting.Wherever there is no electricity, old and inefficient kerosene lanterns are used. These lanterns by and large produce inadequate light besides producing harmful indoor air pollution.

Thus there was a need to develop an efficient device which works on readily available liquid fuel to produce high quality light for illumination purpose and heat for cooking. An innovation that has brought smiles on the faces of rural poor, besides helping in environment conservation called Lanstove’, it’s a lantern-cum-stove that lights up a small room while cooking food, a boon for lakhs of India’s poor living without electricity
Anil Rajvanshi, an engineer and inventor has developed a dual purpose device that solves the problem of cooking and lighting in rural homes. The lantern cum stove (Lanstove) has come as a blessing to many in rural India where the absence of lighting makes cooking at home or any other activity an inconvenience.

Lanstove runs on kerosene and produces illumination equivalent to that of a 300-Watt bulb. The flame is lit with the flip of a valve and the unit also includes a pressure cooker based on heat pipe principle. Without smoke or smell of kerosene.

Lanstove provides light and cooks a complete meal for a family of five in about 2 hours. The cooker can be used for cooking rice, dal and vegetables

The Lanstove is smokeless, noiseless, and does not produce soot or an unpleasant smell therefore, has the ability to immediately improve the quality of life for bottom of the pyramid people in rural and urban areas.

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