Its raining money in Indian start-up space

The angel investors are smiling upon the Indian start-up space, its raining money like cats and dogs in this space.A whooping amount of almost 5000 Cr is about to rain down on the Indian start-up space.According to the article published in Business line

where they spoke to at least 25 companies across sectors such as gaming, education, fashion and retail, e-commerce, consumer internet and logistics that are scouting for funds. it seems that the The companies are looking anywhere between $2 million and $50 million each (₹13 crore and ₹325 crore) in the next six months.

Investors, including angel funds, venture capitalists and private equity firms, are waiting in the wings with a war-chest to fund interesting ideas.

“Many students of IITs and IIMs are now looking at being job creators by setting up start-ups, rather than being job hunters,” said ah! Ventures Founder and Chief Executive Officer Harshad Lahoti. ah! Ventures is in the process of closing three more investments in the coming weeks.Similarly, Rehan Yar Khan, investor and founder of Orios Venture Partners, is set to invest in at least five companies in the coming months.

The growth in the start-up space is aided by factors such as rising internet penetration and data consumption, and increasing affordability of smartphones. But the driving force behind any start-up is the initial idea.

“For the past couple of years, investments in start-ups have been more than doubling year over year. India is one of the fastest growing markets for investors and venture capital funds across the world,” said Mayank Jain Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of TalentPad, an online recruitment platform, which recently received its first institutional funding from Helion Advisors.

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Source : Business Line

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