Indian start-ups at India Demo Day New York

India demo dayIndia Demo Day is a platform for the start-up to pitch there ideas to grab the attention of the investors this is organized by DLabs at The Indian School of Business and DS Ventures in association with the Consulate of India at New York to be held on June 5th 2015 in New York City.India Demo Day will showcase the entrepreneurial talent and potential India has to offer.

Ten of the most exciting companies in the Healthcare, Education, Big Data and the Internet of Things from India – selected over several months from across the country – will each get a chance to make a 10 minute pitch to a crowd full of venture capitalists, industry leaders, and angel investors in New York City. Through this platform we hope to make it easy for start-ups to raise the capital they need, and to give the NRI community and interested individuals and institutions an opportunity to take part in the Indian growth story.

These are the introductions to the finalists for this event.

Adom Technologies : ADOM Technologies, provides complete GPS mobile asset tracking and management systems. GPS tracking solutions include vehicle tracking units, satellite airtime for data transmission, a Web-hosted application for complete fleet management and professional services to insure successful deployment and on-going support.

AppVirality : Growth Hacking Toolkit for Mobile Apps that helps app developers in identifying and implementing the right growth techniques to boost app installs and user engagement.The Hyderabad-based startup founded by brothers Laxman and Ram Papineni offers a plug-and-play white-labelled toolkit for mobile app developers to identify and implement growth techniques without having to code. The aim is to increase app downloads and user engagement through organic channels.

Azoi : Azoi is a company that makes medical devices for consumers. The company was founded in 2011 by Hamish Patel,Juned Munshi and Ami Karnik It is based in San Francisco. A prototype of Azoi’s first product, Wello, was unveiled when the company launched on March 6, 2014, since then company has come up with many such products.

Harness : Harness Handitouch Private Limited (Harness), is an award-winning education technology company based in Chennai, India. Harness was founded in 2011 by two ISB alums and it today serves more than 10,000 learners and teachers across 6 countries through its team of 20 people dispersed across various cities in India and the Middle East.  Harness’s source of competitive advantage is its deep understanding and mastery of emerging, game-changing technologies like HTML5 and its innate ability to apply this knowledge to creatively and effectively solve key problems in today’s synchronous and asynchronous learning environments.

Just Move : This company aims to brings together causes with fitness activity. It aims to improve the physical health of urban Indians and strike a blow against the onslaught of Diabetes and CVD.This company aims to help you increase your physical activity, no matter how hectic your schedule is.

KriptosMobile : KRYPTOS Mobile provides KRYPTOS AppMaker a cloud-based, self-service mobile app development platform for creating and managing cross-platform native mobile apps without writing complex software code.

Oakter : This company is in home automation giving state of the art moduler automation solutions to its customers.

Imaginate : Imaginate Software Labs is a renowned augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) based technology enterprise, that offers innovative visualization products and services. We enhance the consumer experience of reality. Through its strong and proven technology expertise, it offers experiential solutions in the fields of retail, defense,entertainment and healthcare sectors.

Sparsh Nephrocare :Sparsh Nephrocare’s delevers quality dialysis treatment accessible to kidney failure patients across India and South East Asia by tying up with like-minded hospitals, nephrologists, technicians, government authorities, and technology providers to build an eco-system which can truly “democratise” renal care.

These start-ups will be allowed to give a 10 minutes speech and a presentation to diverse people and investors at the IDD.

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