Help Desk

In most of the India there is a problem that children are not going to school, amongst many factors the below mentioned are one which had impact on the students lack of interest in such rural schools.
1) The schools didn’t have proper desks, which led to poor eyesight and a hunched back leading to bad posture and bad writing.
2) The students didn’t have bags.

Aarambh, a new Bombay-based NGO, wanted to help students who are not as privileged, with basic facilities, in order for them to be more comfortable at school ,they created a briefcase-like backpack that can fold out to become a desk during the day. And the company is distributing them to children who lack resources in rural India

The Help Desk is made from discarded carton boxes in India, and stenciled out to create a desk that folds up to a book bag, for less than 20 cents a piece.

After producing the Help Desks, Aarambh distributed its product throughout schools in rural Maharashtra, a state in the western region of India. And, unsurprisingly,

students were able to study more cheerfully, comfortably and effectively.


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