Bicycle weeder

Not all the farmers in the country can afford bullock, a small tractor or power tiller. Also due to relatively low land holding capacity many farmers do not need these farm equipments.

Being economically poor, Mr. Gopal Bhise from Jalgaon district in Maharashtra state driven by the economic frustration to even buy a pair of bullocks led him to develop this device, HisĀ  land was quite fertile and he and his wife toiled hard and even dug a well, by themselves as they could not afford the payment for laborers,One day the farmer saw a grocer transporting some flour sacks on a bicycle, and this made the farmer think of using a bicycle for farming operations.And this led to his innovation called Bicycle weeder.

Bicycle weeder is a multipurpose farm implement developed by using inexpensive bicycle components. The main part of the implement consists of the front portion of a bicycle, namely handle bar, front axle and the wheel. A steel fork is connected to the axle and other end carries different attachments.

Separate attachments for weeding and tilling are attached to the working end using bolts and nuts. This helps in changing the attachments as needed. The load in digging out the soil has been kept to the minimum by providing appropriate profiles and curvature to the implements. Suitable slots are provided for attachments so that the distance between the blades can be adjustable to suit specific requirements.

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